TypeBrewer is temporarily offline

TypeBrewer has been a Flash-based application for over 10 years and the time has come for a much needed update. (Plus, a recent Flash Player update seems to have permanently broken it!) Thanks for your patience while a new HTML-based TypeBrewer is built. Expect to see the same good cartographic design principles and practices in a much more modernized system coming soon.

About TypeBrewer

TypeBrewer is a free help tool that allows non-specialist mapmakers to explore typography in a semi-structured environment. It is not mapmaking software. Instead of providing all the functionality of a graphic design program or GIS, TypeBrewer strips type selection down to its basic elements: font family, text size, letter spacing, and label density (i.e., tracking). It offers a quick and easy way to explore typographic alternatives and see the impact they have on the overall "look and feel" of a map. TypeBrewer is designed for mapmakers who want to learn more about map typography and get text specifications for starting a map project.

At the core of TypeBrewer are twelve typographic "palettes". These are combinations of font families that vary in text size, letter spacing, and label density. They can be applied to a wide range of possible projects to help achieve important map design goals, such as:

Example of a TypeBrewer type "palette" showing one of many possible font family and style combinations.